Appelec Wi Fi Home Automation

Appelec Wi Fi Home Automation

  • Appelec, a brand of Nesttech India Pvt Ltd, which is in Electronics and Embedded system industry since 2001, launches its home automation system. Being manufacturers, we provide you with the best and instant services like replacements, repairing, installation with high efficiency. Customizing  the product and its programming as per  our customers' need is our motto.  


  • Appelec having impressive features, it is compatible with a variety of home control technologies. It provides remote access, which allows you to control your home from your smart phone or tablet while you are away by receiving signals wirelessly from the home automation controller in your house. It helps your home be more energy efficient by monitoring your energy usage patterns, letting you control your AC, lights, curtains, geysers, computers, etc. RGB lights are a creation which  help you set lights as per your mood. Security is sure to come with Appelec because of its special features and alarming systems for gates, doors, electronic safe, camera, siren, and many more. These solutions are available for your home as well as business for every income level and lifestyle.  High quality home automation from Appelec has set high standards for the competition with excellent customer support and vibrant user community.

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