Introduction to Ethernet

Ethernet is a protocol based on Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) technology, which is also the framework for both DeviceNet and ControlNet. Ethernet specifies the wiring, and the data transfer through the bus.
The RETA-01 module can act as a server on an EtherNet network.

Object modelling and functional profiles

One of the main features of EtherNet is object modeling. EtherNet requires mandatory objects specified by ODVA in addition to some vendor-specific objects. A group of objects can be described with a Functional Profile. The RETA-01 realizes the ODVA AC/DC Drive Functional Profile with additional features

Assembly objects

I/O Assembly Instances may be referred to as Block Transfer of data. Intelligent devices realizing a Functional Profile, such as the RETA-01, have several objects. Since it is not possible to transmit more than one object data through a single connection, it is practical and more efficient to group attributes from different objects into a single I/O connection using the Assembly object. The Assembly object acts as a tool for grouping these attributes. The RETA-01 uses static assemblies (in other words, fixed set of object data), except for the User Specific Control assembly and the Extended Speed Control Plus Drive Parameters assembly, where user can select the I/O parameters. The module has two communication profiles as represented above, AC/DC drive profile and ABB Drives profile.

The following actions can occur:

  • Controllers produce and consume tags with each other.
  • Controllers initiate MSG instructions that send/receive data or configure devices.
  • Controllers control I/O and drives.
  • Workstations can upload/download projects to the controllers.
  • Workstations can configure devices on the EtherNet/IP network.


The SM-Ethernet is a Solutions Module that can be used on the following products to provide Ethernet slave connectivity:

  • Unidrive SP
  • Commander SK

In the case of Unidrive SP it is possible to use more than one SM-Ethernet module or a combination of SM-Ethernet and other Solutions Modules to add additional functionality such as extended I/O, gateway functionality, or additional PLC features.
The following list gives an overview of the functionality available within SM-Ethernet.

  • Single RJ45 connectivity with support for shielded twisted pair.
  • 10/100Mbs Ethernet with auto-negotiation.
  • Full and half duplex operation with auto-negotiation.
  • Auto crossover detection.
  • TCP/IP.
  • Modbus TCP/IP.
  • EtherNet/IP.
  • Embedded web pages for configuration.
  • Event driven E-mail generation.
  • SyPTPro over Ethernet.
  • OPC server over Ethernet.
  • CTSoft over Ethernet.
  • Static IP configuration or DHCP client.
  • SMTP.
  • SNTP.
  • Firmware updates over Ethernet using web pages.
  • User defined web pages.
  • Integrated security.
  • 4kV impulse isolation.
  • Help files integrated into the module.
  • Multiple language support.


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