Smart Card

A smart card is a small card or similar device with an embedded integrated circuit chip. Smart cards typically look like a credit card , although they can take different forms What makes the card smart is the embedded chip. The chip is a powerful minicomputer that can be programmed for different applications. The chip enables a smart card to store and access data and applications securely and exchange data securely with readers and other systems. Smart card technology can provide high levels of security and privacy protection, making smart cards ideal for handling sensitive information such as identity and personal health information.


  • ISO7816-1/2/3 compatible IC card interface
  • Support most common used memory-based IC cards
  • Support T=0 or T =1 CPU-based smart cards
  • Automatic detection for memory card or smart card
  • IC card interface short circuit protection
  • Push-Pull type IC card acceptor, insertion cycle >= 200,000.
  • LED indicator indicates reader’s status.

Short Circuit Protection

The EZ PC/SC series reader provides a mechanism to protect itself from being damaged by the short circuit caused by a bad card or other objects. The current limit mechanism will shutdown the card interface once it detects an over-current.

Who can access the information on a smart card

Smart cards are very secure. Access to the information on a card can be controlled and granted only to authorized personnel. A patient can control who accesses information, and access can be granted only with patient consent and given only to individuals identified by the patient or specified by policy. Access requirements can be defined; individuals may be given permission to access only specific information. For example, emergency personnel may need access only to details on allergies, prescriptions, or blood types. Access can also be controlled by PIN or biometric factor. All access transactions can be recorded for audit purposes and reported


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